Mar Vista Stables provides full-time boarding for leased and owned private horses including:

  • Daily upkeep and cleaning of stalls
  • Fresh sawdust bedding
  • Automatic waterers
  • Twice daily feeding (oat hay, alfalfa or a mix)
  • 12′ by 12′ stalls (with and without paddocks)
  • Horse showers available
  • Wrangler turn out of your horse (available by separate arrangement)

2019 Boarder Rates

$460.00/month (Outside stall)

$475.00/month (Barn stall/no paddock)

$500.00/month (Barn stall with paddock)

Horses are also available for lease. Availability of leased horses changes seasonally. Often we have  a waiting list. Please call to inquire about availability.

Call for current rates: 650-991-4224