Established in 1988, Mar Vista Stables continued a 100+ year tradition and legacy of horseback riding at this stable’s location overlooking the Pacific ocean on the California coast just south of Fort Funston.

Mar Vista Stables welcomed riders, from beginners to advanced, to an unforgettable experience in the saddle just outside San Francisco! Originally owned and operated by Woody Landry and his family, in 2022 (until June 19, 2023), Mar Vista Stables LLC was operated by Brenda and David Ingram and maintained a rental herd of over 20 horses owned by the Ingrams and also operated a private boarding facility for private horse owners.

In May 2023, the land hosting Mar Vista Stables was purchased by a new set of owners who will continue to offer riding and other services to the public.

Mar Vista Stable’s Press:

Why You Can’t Fool the Wrangler Before Horseback Riding in San Francisco” by Silas Valentino, SFGate, August 3rd, 2022

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